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¡Tenemos exactamente lo que estás buscando!, en nuestro curso de inglés de negocios encontrarás todas las herramientas para que puedas llevar a cabo tu formación de la manera más cómoda y natural posible.
Anímate a hacer nuestros cursos para profesionales, verás como puedes expandir tu currículum e introducirte en los mercados más competitivos del mundo.


Inglés de negocios: vocabulario y expresiones esenciales

Nuestro temario de Inglés Business

U1: Working days and teamworkU1: Working days and teamworkU2: Travelling, hotels, distribution and deliveryU3: Technology and investments
GPresent simple Present c Present perfect Adverbs of frequencyPast simple Past c Past perfect Used to  Will Going to Future p.s  future perfect. c Plurals Prepositions
Topics-Corporate culture -Business ‘identity -Making friends -Networking -Staff development -Office procedures-International meetings -Doing business: cultural issues -How Brexit affects to Spanish economy -Logistics (Amazon): distribution and delivery -Crisis impact on employment in hotels and restaurants. Hotel business-How technology has changed different ways of buying and selling (amazon, Click and collect) -The impact of technology on the economic growth -Increasement of rental charges -Investing to buy a house
WritingNew technologies (teamwork) Teleworking: good or bad option?  Asking for information: hotel Making or altering reservations      Formal email Informal email Business letter Designing your website
SpAsking for infoMake deals, suggestionsDescribing things
U4: Works and jobU5: Charts and figuresU6: Advertising and marketing
GAdjectives Order of adjectives Quantity Possessive formsComparative and superlative Reported speech  Passive voice Causative verbs
Topics  Decreasement of employed people -Covid and its consequences: ERTE -Small business are in danger -Media: Newspapers-Importance of sports for economy -Closure of stadiums: -The economic problem due to the covid -Life insurances -Tax increase/ decrease of face masks Public vs private-Consumerism on Xmas -The export of agricultural products -Buying and selling -Sales -Black Friday -Analysis of leaflets -Differences between advertising and marketing (Mac-cocacola)  
WritingWriting your CV Apply for a job (recruitment) Invite people to a meeting Rejecting a business offer (out)        Insurance claimComplaint Apologising and offering compensation Describing a product
SpInterview ConferencesStatisticsPersuade Describing brands
U7: Finance and accountingU8: Law and orderU9: Macroeconomics
G  Review of tenses  Modal verbs  Review of tenses
Topics-Financial statements and ratios -Accounting -Management accounting -Starting up a business -Adam Smith   -Law and order -Different areas of law -Crime Punishment -Case and sentences-Economic Values And ratios -Investment In  health and education -The export and Import Of Goods -IVA
WritingEconomical ratio (Amazon/Elon mask) -Balance sheets and investmentsSentence and cases Duties and rights AbsenteeismPIB of a country
SpTelephone conversations

¿Por qué es importante un curso de Business English?

Debes aprender Inglés específico en tu puesto de trabajo, tanto si quieres ascender de puesto, como si es
para poder sobrevivir en tu empresa.

Hoy en día es primordial el idioma, y cuanto mejor preparado/a estés en esta materia, mejor podrás competir hacia una vacante de la empresa que te interesa.

Si eres empresario/a, también es imprescindible. Poder ampliar tu mercado en un mundo tan globalizado como es este.

¡Aprender inglés de negocios!

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